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Rocky Mountain National Park sign

Rocky Mountain

I spent 4 days camping in the Rockies in 2023


Death Valley

My most recent trip, I visited this park in 2024.

National Parks

These are the National Parks I've been fortunate enough to visit. I can't wait to see this list grow!

Kids infront of body of water


My first park visited in 2003! I was too young to think about taking lots of pictures.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park sign

Great Smoky Mountains

I've spent the most time in this parks; visiting in 2016, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Hot Springs National Park sign

Hot Springs

A great park for people more interested in history than hikes. I visited in 2022.

Gateway Arch National Park entrance sign

Gateway Arch

Arguably the most controversial park, I've been up in the Arch several times, most recently in 2021.

Indiana Dunes National Park sign

Indiana Dunes

One of the newer parks, this was a great park for a weekend trip. I visited in 2022.

Saguaro National Park sign


I was able to spend time in this park while visiting family in 2023.

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